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Xiaomeng Li

She Wore a Paper Dress






这个系列是我对于那些勇于展示自己身体和曲线的女性的致敬,她们切身的用自己的行为表达了对社会要求的 “合格”的女性标准的反抗。同时,也意在使那些还在为自己的身体感到自卑和无助的人,能够得到一丝安慰和鼓励。


This collection pays tribute to feminists and to all women who used to be excluded by men.

In the 1950s American culture to post war Japan, and Japanese women started to embrace American fashion trends. This freed women from the heaviness of the traditional kimono. This was also an act of liberation, because back then, showing the curves of the body signaled that the woman was an indecent and immoral person.

These traditional ideas about women were not limited to Japan. I have encountered similar attitudes in China and worldwide, many still blame rape victims for dressing inappropriately.

Feminism has been a big topic in China for many years now, and women are uniting to protect and support each other.

My garments are a metaphorical fortress for the body. Rather than folding in to hide and protect, I work fragile fabric into outwardly facing structural shapes. I use sensitivity, softness and will to shape and protect the body in a gentle but strong way.

Through efforts that we all make, it is possible to build a world in which women no longer feel scared and threatened because of what they wear.