Back Designer Statement

Wenyu Cheng








In 1979 there were 1.3 million elephants on the African continent. Today this number is just 415,000. An average of 20,000 elephants are poached illegally each year, killed for their ivory tusks. Elephants use their tusks to gather food and challenge others for resources. For an elephant, losing their tusks is like a human losing their arms and teeth.

Besides ivory, humans also use elephants in tourism, and treat them like slaves.

Elephants are socially intelligent beings and feel each other’s pain. Elephants belong to nature, not to humans. They are not tools for making money. Elephants own their freedom.

This collection aims to create empathy in the viewers by having them imagine the pain of losing a part of their own body or a member of their own family. I aim to pull viewers back from the relentless demands of the modern world, for a short moment, and to call on them to preserve nature; to stop the cruelty that is happening before our eyes.