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Kexin Sun




由于在家工作,这种感觉变得越来越强烈。 现在,工作在我的生活中始终如一。

我的作品反映了这个时代。 量身定制的服装可提供更高的舒适度并减轻压力。 我将工作场所的着装与从棉被和睡衣中汲取灵感的休闲服装相结合。 服装结构的混乱,反映了我们无序的世界。


There is a prevalence of insomnia in developed societies, which has been exacerbated by the COVID 19 pandemic. Some people are worried about economic stability, others are worried about job security, and everyone is worried about their safety.

My personal struggle is with anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, excitement, being overwhelmed by the workload of senior thesis, and the pressure I face with my future job prospects.

This feeling has grown in magnitude because of working from home. Work now has a constant presence in my life.

My collection reflects these times. Garments are tailored to offer more comfort and reduce stress. I combine workplace attire with casual clothing inspired by comforters and pyjamas. Disorder in the garment construction, reflects our disordered world.

I want this collection to offer wearers the confidence to pursue their passion without constantly feeling stress.